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   Give yourself the advantage of incremental marketing plans for canola, wheat, durum, malt barley, lentils, peas, flax, oats, soybeans, canary, mustard and feed grains. You get: Weekly updates. A one-page summary of prairie grain market news. In-depth crop market analysis each time a sale is made. Detailed crop price reports for each of Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta.    All for $395/year.    “We live in a world of information overload. Wild Oats condenses it down to what matters. Our investment in Wild Oats puts us in a good position to make profitable decisions for our farm. Mark Pawluk, Birtle, Manitoba.    Subscribe today. It's worth your while to move fast. The markets often do, and with little warning. Call 1-800-567-5671 or 1-204-942-1459 or complete and submit the order form.    Delivery by Internet, fax or first class mail. You choose.
   Your Satisfaction Guaranteed! If your are not fully satisfied with the Wild Oats Grain Market Advisory, we will refund the balance of your subscription.    New subscribers will receive a free copy of the Wild Oats handbook Why, When and How to Use Grain Futures.    “Wild Oats is a quick read. I don't take any other newsletter.” Butch Harder, Lowe Farm, Manitoba.
Looking for advice?  Wild Oats subscribers are welcome to call for a second opinion on a marketing play.
Wild Oats Grain Market Advisory To subscribe call 1-800-567-5671 or complete the order form.