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Edmund Ray Garnett

Telephone 1-204-783-3363

Postal address
767 Garfield St N, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3G 2M4
General Information:
Education Dissertation Professional Employment
Publications Professional Activities References


Master of Science, Physical Geography

University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK

Bachelor of Arts, Political Science

University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, MB

Grade XII, Midland Collegiate, Carman, MB

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Long-Lead Forecasting of Precipitation and Yields in Saskatchewan, Using Teleconnection Indices. University of Saskatchewan 2002

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Independent Consultant 1999-2013, Agro Climatic Consulting (ACC)-Home Based

Clients have included:

National Agricultural Information Service (NAIS) in Regina

Duvenaud Associates in Winnipeg, Malchi Grain in Winnipeg,Mb.

Kottke Associates Chicago

Canola Guide and numerous prairie producers


Technician/Research Associate 2009-2012

at the University of Manitoba’s Natural  Resource Institute (NRI) for a NRI-Manitoba Rural Adaptation  Council (MRAC) lead research project.

Research Analyst

Planning and Communication, Canadian Wheat Board  (Oct. 1996-Jan.1999)

Weather and Crop Surveillance Department (July 1975-Oct. 1996)

  • Initiated and organized meetings of the Long-Range Weather and Crop Forecasting Working Group, as a co-founder and a principal co-coordinator:  Saskatoon 1993, Winnipeg 1995, Dorval1997 and Regina 2001
  • Contributed to the growth and development of CWB’s Weather and Crop Surveillance Department 1975-1996
  • Long Lead Forecasting 1997-1998 Planning and Communications Directorate.
  • Has a consistent track record, second to none, in the early identification and forecasts of droughts and bumpers in major grain growing regions of the world


Research Assistant to Marketing Co-ordinator (June-1973-July 1975)

Clerk, Country Planning, Grain Transportation Division (March, 1970-June 1973)

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Garnett, E.R., Khandekar, M.L. and Haque, E.H. 2011. Summer 2011 on the Canadian Prairies: Paradox of flood loss and record grain yields! CMOS Bulletin February 2012 Vol. 40, No 1.


Garnett, E.R., and Khandekar, M.L. 2010. Summer of 2010. Wettest on the Canadian Prairies in 60 years! A preliminary Assessment of cause and consequence. CMOS Bulletin December 2010. Vol. 38, No. 6


Garnett, E.R., Nirupama, N. Haque, C.E.  and T.S. Murty. 2006. Correlates of Canadian Prairie summer rainfall: implications for crop yields, Climate Research, Vol.32: 25-33. (PDF presentation here )


Garnett, E.R. and Khandekar, M.L. 2005. Accumulated PNA and Nino 3 indices foreshadow cool, wet summer over the Canadian prairies in 2005. CMOS Bulletin

(need to get the exact citation)


Garnett, E.R. 2002. Long-Lead Forecasting of Precipitation and Wheat Yields in Saskatchewan Using Teleconnection Indices. 2002. Masters Thesis, Geography Department, University of Saskatchewan Archives, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 124 pp.


Garnett, E.R.  and Khandekar M.L.  2002. The Canadian Prairie drought of 2001: a four billion dollar shortfall?  Rejoice Canadian prairie farmers; El Niño is on the way! CMOS Bulletin April 2002. Vol. 30 No. 2


Hsieh, W.W., Tang B, and Garnett, E.R. 1999. Teleconnections between Pacific sea surface temperatures and Canadian prairie wheat yield, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 1999.


Garnett, E.R., Khandekar, M.L. and Babb J.C. 1998. On the Utility of ENSO and PNA Indices for Long-Lead Forecasting of Summer Weather over the Crop-Growing Region of the Canadian Prairies, Theoretical and Applied Climatology, 1998.


The impact of Large-Scale Atmospheric Circulations and Anomalies on Indian Monsoon Droughts and Floods and World Grain Yields, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 1992. Garnett, E.R. and Khandekar, M.L.


                                                   BOOK CONTRIBUTIONS


The Science, Impacts and Monitoring of Drought in Western Canada, editors D. Sauchyne, M.L. Khandekar and E.R. Garnett 2005. Canadian Plains Research Centre, University of Regina. Contributor


Facts and Speculation about La Niña and Its Societal Impacts, editor M.H. Glantz 2002.

United Nations University Press. Contributor


History of Agro Meteorology in Canada, G.W. Robertson, 1998. co-contributor with G.K. Walker              

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Work in Progress

Agro Climatic Consulting (ACC)

Ray operates a home-based business, which involves writing for clients twice a month. Currently bringing to completion the 2009-2012-research project lead by the University of Manitoba’s Natural Resource Institute (NRI) and Manitoba Rural Adaptation Council (MRAC). Manuscript submitted for peer review July 2013.

Conference Proceedings

Water-Energy-Food Security Conference. Winnipeg, Manitoba May 3, 2012 (PDF presentation here )

The Science, Impacts and Monitoring of Drought in Western Canada. D. Sauchyn, M.L.Khandehar and E.R.Garnett (Eds). Proceedings of the 2004 Prairie Drought Workshop University of Regina 


Proceedings of the Long-Range Weather and Crop Forecasting Group Meeting IV Regina, Saskatchewan, March 2001


Prairie Perspectives: Geographical Essays Vol.3, October 2000 Department of Geography, The University of Manitoba, CAG Conference, Prairie Division, Winnipeg


Proceedings of the International Association of Impact Assessment (IAIA), Glasgow, Scotland. July 1999


Proceedings of the La Niña Summit: A Review of the Causes and Consequences of Cold Events. National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), Boulder Colorado, 1998


Proceedings of the Long Range Weather and Crop Forecasting Working Group III, Dorval, Quebec, 1997. Co-editor with L. LeFaivre and M.L.Khandekar


Proceedings of the Pacific Climate Conference, Two Harbors, California, 1997.

Teleconnections from Asia to the Canadian Prairies-implications for Long-Range Weather and Crop Forecasting, E.R. Garnett, M.L. Khandekar and J.C. Babb


Proceedings of the Long-Range Weather and Crop Forecasting Working Group II, Winnipeg, Mb., 1995. Co-editor with M.L. Khandekar


Proceedings of The Potential Use and Misuse of El Nino information in North America,

National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), Boulder, Colorado, 1994


Proceedings of the Long-Range Weather and Crop Forecasting Working Group I, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, 1993. Co-editor with R. Lawford

Internal Reports

A Cost-Benefit Study of Investment in Research in Long-Range Weather and Crop Forecasting, (An internal CWB Report). (1997)

A Back-to-Basics Approach to Longer-Range Weather and Crop Forecasting (1986)

Three proposed Methodologies for a Study of the Effect of Weather Elements on Protein Formation in Canadian Western Red Spring Wheat, (1973)

A Weather and Crop Condition Surveillance Service for the Canadian Wheat Board,

(Co-author G.W. Robertson) (1973)

Invited Presentations

2012 Saskatchewan Irrigation Projects Association (Honorarium and expenses paid)

2004 Alberta government, Drought workshop (Invited, expenses paid)

2003 U. of S. extension, Bruno, Sk (Honorium).

2003 Western Canadian Barley Growers Assoc.Calgary, Alta (Honorarium & expenses)

2003 Wednesday Morning Group Carman, Mb.

2002 PFRA,Regina, Spring and fall (Expenses paid)

2002 U. of S. extension, Bruno, SK (Honorarium and expenses paid)

2001 Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society Congress, Winnipeg

2001 Long-Range Weather and Crop Forecasting Working Group IV, Regina, SK

2000 Geography Department, University of Saskatchewan

2000 Canadian Meteorological and Oceanography Society , Victoria, B.C.

2000 National Hydrological Research Center, Saskatoon, Sk (Invited)

1999 International Association of Impact Assessment, Glasgow, Scotland (Invited)

1999 Canadian Association of Geographers (CAG), Lethbridge, Alta.

1999 CAG Winnipeg, Manitoba

1998 La Niña Summit, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Co.

1998 Canadian Wheat Board (with J.C. Babb)

1998 University of Winnipeg Climate Research Group

1998 Pacific Climate Conference, Two Harbors, California.

1997 Wednesday Morning Group, Carman, Manitoba (Invited)

1997 PRX Grain Market Outlook Seminar, St Louis, Missouri (invited, travel paid)

1997 Mc Vean Trading and Investments, Memphis, Tennessee (invited, expenses paid)

1996 Mc Vean Trading and Investments, Memphis, Tennessee (invited, expenses paid)

1995 Long-Range Weather and Crop Forecasting Working Group II, Winnipeg

1995 CMOS Congress, Kelowna, B.C. (with J.C. Babb)

1994 NCAR, Boulder, Co., (invited, expenses paid)

1994 CMOS Congress, Ottawa, Ont.

1994 Farm meeting in North Battleford, Saskatchewan

1994 Farm meeting in Fannystelle, Manitoba.

1994 Global Climate Observing Systemof the World MeteorologicalOrganization (WMO), Canadian Working Group Meeting, Ottawa (invited)

1993 CMOS Congress, Fredrickton, N.B

1993 Canadian Wheat Board: Winnipeg Seminar Series (with J.C. Babb)

1993 Canadian Grain Commission: Winnipeg Seminar Series (with J.C Babb)

1993 Statistical Association of Manitoba: Winnipeg Seminar Series (with J.C. Babb).

1992 Agricultural Institute of Canada (AIC), Brandon, Manitoba

1992 Environment Canada, Downsview, Ontario.

1991 Natural Hazards Symposium, Peruvian, Italy

1991 CMOS Congress Winnipeg


(1991-2002) Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society

(1999-2002) Canadian Association of Geographers

(1975-present)Toastmasters International: Distinguished Toastmaster

Past President Centennial 313 Winnipeg, Area 14 Governor 2004/2005

U. of W. and U. of S. Alumni Association, member

(2001-2002) Trombonist Concordia Brass Band, Saskatoon

(1986-1989, 2002-present)Blaskapelle, German Society of Winnipeg, trombone

(2012-present) Dixie Beats


Traveled extensively throughout North America and parts of Asia and Europe

Participated in various sports activities since youth

Historical restoration, partially restored oldest private residence in Winnipeg in 1980s

Music , reading, writing and politics

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Dr. M.L. Khandekar

Former Research Scientist Env.Canada

Lead author

Chapter on ̏extreme weather˝ in “Climate Change Reconsidered-2 to be published in Non Govermental Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC)

52 Montrose Cres.

Markham, Ontario

Res: 905-940-0105

Alf Warkentin

Former Flood Forecaster

Manitoba Government

10 Carberry St. Assinaboia

Winnipeg, Manitoba 

Res: 204-837-3349


Dr. J.L. Leibfried 


Former Canadian

Wheat Board Commissioner

21 Captain Kennedy St

St. Andrews

Winnipeg, Mb

Res: 204-338-7023

Dr. P. Williams


Former Research Scientist and Head Analytical Methods

Canadian Grain Commission

5072 Vista View Cres.

Nanaimo, B.C.

Res: 250-751-8890

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