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To: ProMarket Wire Subscribers ProMarket Wire's last edition will be on Monday, July 31 2023.    ProMarket Wire started in April 1997 by myself and business partner John more than 26 years ago in a log house in NW Calgary. We started with a fax machine, experience, an idea, and not much else. We are still sitting at the same desks.    John, my business partner, has decided to leave the information business. Since inception, more than 6,800 ProMarket issues have been published. But there is still more to come . . .    I intend to re-start a market information service on a weekly or bi-weekly platform possibly late fall or by early 2024. Details of this new service are still in-the-making. But you will be contacted once the gears are greased to go and more information is available. As a result, there will be a market information hiatus-of-sorts . . .    Some of you have been with us this whole journey. You are very special as this amazing support kept us in the business of market information.  Thank you very much. Sincerely, Errol Anderson & John Dale PS: I'm am also available for speaking engagements. Just give me a text or call     Errol's cell/text (403) 466-8220 for future info. Email: