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Welcome to ProMarket Wire     ProMarket Wire is a daily market report designed specifically for the Western Canadian grain and livestock producer.    The Wire highlights risk management strategies, tips and cash market comments for open market grains, specialty crops and cattle and hog markets. Impact of currencies changes, hedging opportunities, cash contract premiums and options strategies are all part of this report. ProMarket’s goal is for you to sell your product in the top 1/3 of average yearly prices. ProMarket focuses on disciplined and profitable pricing, centered on reducing your overall financial and price risk. Examine a recent issue so you can see for yourself.    Errol Anderson authors ProMarket Wire. His market radio comments are heard across Western Canada. He is also the author of The Wealthy Farmer, a Western Canadian Commodity risk management book.    ProMarket’s office is located in Calgary, Alberta. Errol and partner John Dale are key principals and owners. Errol and John are also commodity brokers, specializing in hedging. They trade futures and options for farm and livestock operators' accounts to manage price risk.    Subscribe to ProMarket Wire today. This is an invaluable information tool for marketing your grain and livestock profitably. Just picking up one tip a week could make a sizeable impact on your overall farm and/or feedlot returns. ProMarket Wire costs about $1.80 per day, a low cost for potential significant benefit.    There are two methods of receiving the Wire; through the internet and through fax.    Thank you for visiting our site and for considering our service. We hope that you will come on board. Please feel free to call anytime with comments or questions at  (403) 275-5555.