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TFC Commodity Charts


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Welcome to TFC Commodity Charts.

We present a unique and informative view of the primary agricultural commodity markets. Providing much more than mere raw numbers, our market data is portrayed in elegant meaningful graphs, following several of the major agricultural and financial commodities in daily, weekly and monthly interpretive charts.

These charts enable our subscribers to visualize market activity and trends at a glance, providing them with a valuable tool in making wise marketing and investment decisions.

Included with each chart, is a written analysis which provides further interpretation from a conventional perspective.

Our subscribers have an edge, an advantage with which to make wise market choices.

The TFC chart collection is guaranteed to be updated every week day, before 9:00 a.m. C.S.T. Monday through Friday.

Note: In addition to this subscription paid chart service, we also provide free online commodity charts through a new service, supported entirely by advertising sponsorship. Please visit our new free chart site at We continue to encourage paid subscriptions to this site, where subscribers enjoy extra benefits and priviledges.

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